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Banned... Yet again.

2008-07-28 17:44:11 by ihatetoasters

I have been banned yet again. I think it's two days. The reason for this is creating a thread asking for help with Limewire. Somehow asking for help is spam. If someone would like to elaborate on this please do.

I'm famous!!!

2008-07-20 19:22:58 by ihatetoasters

Not really though, although I did get my username written on Brumak's wall!!! here's the picture. Oh and ignore the dickbutt, I could have shop'd it out but I left it in for comical effect.

For those who can't see it properly (sorry about the small size) it says 'ihatetoasters wuz here' under the dickbutt.

I'm famous!!!

I have been banned from the BBS YET AGAIN for posting in a spam thread. At least this time it was only three days. I honestly didn't think it was a spam thread. Argh....


2008-06-05 14:27:24 by ihatetoasters

My cat has made it onto Lolcats! I know the two photos up there aren't too great but I will be uploading my user picture (included in post) which I find quite funny.